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--May God Bless You for granting...

A Clear Image Concierge International, LLC. to be of service.



Details of our service AND pricing shall be provided UPON COMPLETION of our

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A Clear Image Concierge Int'l, LLC.

has established with one purpose in mind--

to strengthen the forerunners of our society


burnout and fatigue.





Congress Member;
single parent;
the business owner;

And, MORE...



Concurring to become a member of A Clear Image Concierge International, LLC. at the state of existence that you currently experience is all that we require.  We are here to make life simplier for you at your home and/or your place of business.  There isn't a need to prepare yourself or your business structure prior to receiving our assistance--we have seen it all!  We are cognizant that some individuals and businesses turn to ACICInt'l while in their time of feeling complete defeat and that is acceptable... Our purpose is to non-medically minister health, strength, and peace of mind through assisting our clients with obtaining financial wealth by receiving a helping hand in the organizing and management of their lives. Furthermore, our purpose is to have our female clients self image to become that of the quintessential virtuous woman undoubtedly favoured by God AND by all whom they meet.  AND, for our male clients, to excel beyond all competitors.


As a confidential service, in no manner or way will any pertinent information regarding our clients and their state of mind be shared for money or any other bribery or coercion.  ACICInt'l, LLC.'s clients come from various careers, sociostatus, and lifestlyes and for ALL of them it is our hope is  to symbolize-through providing our services--A place of refuge where our members can feel free to receive the assistance needed to augment their lifestyle. 


Rooted with our main site located in Beverly Hills, CA, for an increase in fee, and the cost of mileage and whatever more that is agreed to in the contract as designed by you and your assigned personal assistant or concierge; we may come to your location any where internationally.   Collaborated plans, job duties, locations, and reasons for requests shall remain between ACICInt'l, LLC., the personal assistant or concierge and you--the member--for all reasons UNLESS required  by the law.


Enlightened by the Holy Bible's virtuous woman and the leadership of Moses came the creation of A Clear Image Concierge International, LLC.'s philosophy. ACICInt'l, LLC. has been designed to bring forth leaders who are proficient with leading nations; and, therefore, is specifically for the enhancement of women and men desiring to make a positive influence in their personal life, business world, and in our society.  We have structured special services to accommodate the business-minded woman, single parent and guardian, in general, because we believe that these populations have unique issues to conquer.  In short, our desire is to help our members to out-shine  no matter what life experiences bring because we sincerely CARE!




with A Clear Image Concierge International, LLC...



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