Any information collected from A Clear Image Concierge International,LLC.- ACICInt’l, LLC.’s website, will not be given out to any 3rd party without your consent.  All information collected is held confidential unless required by law. 

ACICInt'l, LLC. reserves the right to refuse service.

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Privacy Policy

A Clear Image Concierge International is a Nevada Corporation having it’s headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada; but, servicing the world with it’s international elite personal assistant service is here to service you with excellence therefore our PRIVACY POLICY is as such:





Dissemination of Information

ACICInt’l, LLC. only disburses information about our clients and website visitors IF needed for providing proper servicing.  We may at time feel that the best service for our client’s are through  one of our affiliate companies or through our reseller associate and therefore will inform you if that is what we plan to do.  In referring our clients we will only share information pertinent to the assignment such as: email address, name, address, contact number, what service is to be provided, what times you desire care, and the urgency that must be applied.

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Out-Sourced Services &Vendor Rates

ACICInt’l, LLC. has no control over the outcome of services provided by outsourced concierges and preferred vendors.  All outsourced concierges and preferred vendors are independent contractors.  Please request to see documentation regarding:  education, certification, licensing, background clearances, and insurance--if applicable to the servicing of your needs.


A CLEAR IMAGE CONCIERGE INTERNATIONAL,LLC does not endorse any preferred vendors, partners or affiliates as to the quality of services render.


Preferred vendor fees are based upon client's agreement with the vendor and have no reflection on ACICInt'l, LLC's rates and membership/registration fees.

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ACICInt’l, , LLC..’s Collection of Information

We collect information in order to better serve our clients.  We offer memberships for our services; therefore, it is necessary for us to gather information such as: email address, name, address, contact number, what service is to be provided, what times you desire care, the urgency that must be applied, budget information, credit card information, etc. to be able to continuously refer service providers to your location or to be virtually of service without interruption.  Services will run without interruption until the end of your paid membership period.  At that point we stop services and will begin the initial process for retaining services again.  Credit card information is securely retained UNTIL the end of your membership period and then is removed from our computer payment system.  To regain services you may either choose to use the credit card option or pay as you go for concierge services.  With pay as you go services no credit card information is retained.

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Surveys allow us to better service our client and to assist all concierge services as a whole within our profession.  At times we run random surveys, but it is you option to participate or not.  In participating we often give thank you gifts because it is only through your honesty that we could improve our services and the services provided by our affiliate and brother and sister agencies.  We encourage your opinions whether negative or not and will not judge you upon data you have supplied.

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At various times we need customer “Say so”.  We need your testimonies and faces on our website and commercials to show others that our services do enhance living and business situations.  Please send us a response to our inquiries regarding your service with ACICInt’l, LLC.  so that we may publish it in the newspaper articles, on our website, advertisements and more.  New customers would appreciate your testimonial input.

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Website Precautions

ACICInt'l, LLC. uses precaution when submitting payments via the web.  Financial information is transfered over a secure server.  Our method of accepting credit payments through our third party organization is secure, instant and reusable.  ACICInt'l, LLC. processes payments through PayPal and other third parties that ACICInt'l, LLC. is an afilliate of which do physically, administratively, and technically uses safeguards as methods of securing your information from misuse, illegal use, unauthorized access, alterations, disclosures, risks of loss, etc...  Some safeguards used include:


*Physical access controls to data centers;

*Information access authorization controls;

*Data Encryption; and, more.

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Your information will never be rented or sold to any third party without your prior consent.  Our goal is to provide our clients with affiliates from our Preferred Vendor Network who are competent in providing the service that they are licensed to provide; however, we will not permit them to access your information unless given consent. 

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ACICInt'l, LLC. encourages client feedback regarding our vendors. Please inform ACICInt'l, LLC. if you should desire to remain anonymous.Any issues or disputes are requested to attend mediation prior to any litigation actions.Any concerns regarding the aforementioned should be directed to the liason at:  (213)700-2385.


In receiving your feedback we are better able to ensure quality service to you and to our future clients. Our vendors are aware that with numerous reports of negative business their services may be suspended from ACICInt'l's Preferred Vendor Network list. We encourage our selected vendors to provide ELITE services to our clientele.

Once again, PLEASE REPORT ANY FRAUDULENT OR NEGATIVE BUSINESS WHICH CONFLICTS WITH ACICInt'l's POLICY ON PROVIDING QUALITY SERVICE. In opposition to the reporting of negative activity we also encourage the feedback of those services provided in excellence.

Any issues or disputes are requested to attend mediation prior to any litigation actions.

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Legal Disclaimer

Our services are confidential.   ACICInt’l, LLC. reserves the right to disclose information when required by operation of law. 

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Policy Changes

ACICInt’l, LLC. reserves the right to make changes to our PRIVACY POLICY at any time necessary.  Any updates or changes to our PRIVACY POLICY will be posted without prior notice onto our website.  If our information practices change from your initial agreement with ACICInt'l, LLC. due to our need to, at times, gather additional information for enhancing our services and you wish to opt out by email, send email to:



Send a letter to: 

1012 E. Ave. J#252, Lancaster, CA 93535

Lancaster, CA 93535